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@ebc Inc Mid-Level Market - Emergency, First Responders, Military, Police, Firefighters

First responders typically include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, military personnel, public works, and other trained members of organizations connected with this type of work. There is more support and respect for the military, police and firefighters that is helping to increase consumer awareness, and suitable products, organizations and services are emerging.

Some of the markets within Emergency, Military, Police and Fire

Police Firefighters EMT

Fire, Police, EMT

@ebc supports the emergency services provided by Fire, Police and EMT's. There is a huge need to support these services with quality products, services, support and education. @ebc can provide related market services for these businesses, and ensure high levels of integrity and production to portray our emergency and protective services in a positive light.

markets military tactical

Military, Tactical, National and State Defense

The Military is gaining more respect and interest by the public, and related products have been increasing for Government and Local Municipalities. Military groups and supportive services are more available to our veterans and active military. Several companies are dedicated to providing Patriotic USA, military apparel and related United States Flag products to consumers. @ebc is dedicated to providing the best services to ensure our military are properly represented for defending our freedom.

The newer, Tactical products, firearms and "engagement" experiences that include Video Games, Soft Air, Paint ball, Competitive Shooting events, and personal protection have sprung up in tandem with the support of our Military. Most of these markets are supportive to our other referenced markets such as the Outdoors, Hunting and Fishing, thus expanding the base of customers that we can assist with our creative, web development and marketing services.

@ebc supports this market so well that we have created a separate website dedicated to Tactical, Shooting Sports, Ammunition, Cigars, Alcohol, Hunting, Fishing and the outdoors called, The International Outpost. Please visit this page for more information.

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Our Targeted Mid-Market Clients

@ebc has grown to support Mid-Market companies, and along the way grew to provide support for businesses that may have been rejected for design, development and marketing service requests based off the products and services they sell. @ebc has direct experience and motivation to support those companies, and not cast any judgment. @ebc will support any business based off ethical and legal practices, as well as the targeted markets we list below.

Our targeted Markets:


Sporting Goods



Shooting Sports

First Repsonders




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