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@ebc Inc Market - Aficionado

The finer things in life! Tobacco Products, Top Shelf Alcohol, Beers and Ales, Fine Wines, and other related Sporting markets may not have the ability to advertise on common web mediums, so @ebc is here to support! We have experienced that client's have limited outlets to promote their product lines. We also know that consumers want to engage within these special markets. So we will continue to develop, promote and provide services to our Aficionado clients, and as we define them, others will follow! We can still develop and produce market brands but cannot set up paid advertising. So we have created an online marketing hub for advertisers called The International Outpost! Please feel free to visit for information as a consumer, and as a business to advertise!

markets for cigars and tobacco

Cigar Markets

The cigar market cannot pay to advertise online. But @ebc will fully support this International Market. Between the cigar makers, the cigar sellers and all of the products in this category, @ebc will find the best, marketable solutions possible! It may be out of mainstream advertising channels, but don't let that fool you, Cigar and Tobacco products are more popular than ever, and we will help to promote your cigars and tobacco brands!


markets supported fine liquor whiskey cognac

@ebc market Whiskey, Cognac fine Alcohols

We are not worried about our drinking here at @ebc, we know that the Fine Alcohol, Whiskey, and Cognac brnds have a very hard time promoting their products online. We can fully support your marketing efforts, and get your fine liquor in front of responsible buyers. This is not your regular whiskey! @ebc knows that our supportive markets "blend" right into the aficionado markets!


markets supported wines

@ebc market - Wine

Of course Wine is an item that is in the culture, and is yet not fully able to promote their product. That is why @ebc is fully aware that this market can reach its full potential through our online marketing strategies.

markets beer and ales

@ebc market - Beers, Ales, Lagers

Of course this is @ebc's favorite market! We reside in Wisconsin, and have enough micro breweries, International Brewers, local distributors, bars, taverns and events to support beers and ales.....forever! So pick your favorite brew, and hopefully @ebc can support it through our creative marketing plans.


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Our Targeted Mid-Market Clients

@ebc has grown to support Mid-Market companies, and along the way grew to provide support for businesses that may have been rejected for design, development and marketing service requests based off the products and services they sell. @ebc has direct experience and motivation to support those companies, and not cast any judgment. @ebc will support any business based off ethical and legal practices, as well as the targeted markets we list below.

Our targeted Markets:


Sporting Goods


Country & Western

First Responders




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At ebc Inc. has the services to manage all of your Creative, and Marketing. This is to ensure that our customers can optimize our Biz Dexx web applications, and still manage their Web Design, Development and Marketing needs.

So all of your services are under one roof, more specialized and creative!

We look forward to become the "one source" for all of your online development, creative, advertising and marketing needs. Visit our marketing services for more information.

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